Rainbow Jungle is open seven days a week - 9am to 5pm / Sundays 9am to 4pm (Closed Christmas Day) Admission Adults $16 - Sen/Concession $14 - Child $8 - Family (2+2) $42 Maze Entry Adult $15 - Child $7 - Concession/Senior $15 - Family (2+2) $40 Combo (Jungle & Maze) Adult $25 - Child $13 - Concession/Senior $23 - Family (2+2) $70 Copyright 2017 - Rainbow Jungle Kalbarri - All Rights Reserved World Wide     Tel: (08) 9937 1248 Kalbarri Rainbow Jungle - Sculpture Exibition - On Again In 2012 (2010 INFORMATION)      Have a look at the 2008 images HERE If you are new or missed the 2008 Sculpture Exhibition we now have a small gallery of images on the Rainbow Jungle website for you to take in. Go to www.rainbowjunglekalbarri.com and follow the links to the Exhibition News and click on the Gallery. Some pretty impressive stuff there and I hope our response is similar for 2010. This Exhibition is once again for sculptures, wall hangings and water features. Our theme is “Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are! Artists will find Rainbow Jungle an interesting and challenging environment to consider in designing their entry. Why not have a go? I am also happy to announce that once again we are able to provide a bit of incentive in the form of $200.00 for all artists beyond the Midwest who exhibit. This is not a great deal of money I know but I am sure it will help defer the cost of getting you up here to check out the venue, to set up your artwork or to attend the opening on the 10th of September 2010. It’s going to be a great event and a good opportunity to combine work with pleasure and spend a couple of days enjoying Kalbarri and all it has to offer. With nearly 6000 people from all over Australia passing through the Exhibition last year there is plenty of incentive to get your work up here and out there for all to enjoy. Conditions of Entry and an Entry Form are already available for download on the website so take a look or pass on the information to someone with as much talent as you. It is very much appreciated. Questions? Click and write or call and I will be glad to get you on the right track to Kalbarri. Yours sincerely, Daniel Jenks, Coordinator                                 0428 387 129 Rainbow Jungle Kalbarri Sculpture Exhibition for 2010 September 11 to October 10, 2010     NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER HERE G’day from Kalbarri!  And I hope I find you happy and healthy and enjoying that great West Aussie summer weather. Kalbarri is as busy as usual this holiday and we have taken advantage of the high numbers of visitors through the town by having a smattering of posters and handbills round the place announcing the 2010 Sculpture Exhibition. We will continue this right on through the year now and there will be no excuse for anyone doing time here to miss the vital statistics on the Show. As well, I intend to make a number of trips to Perth and beyond starting this coming weekend (16th Jan) so as to make contact with sculptors and artists and to encourage their entries. If you have a little time for a chat or need to make contact please let me know and I will make sure I get to see you on a trip down. Last time round we had much appreciated help and cooperation from the Perth Galleries in particular and are hoping for the same for 2010. If you are an artist or sculptor considering entering the 2010 Rainbow Jungle Kalbarri Sculpture Exhibition I encourage you  to check out the website www.rainbowjunglekalbarri.com where you will find a comprehensive gallery of images showing both the 08 Exhibition sculptures and some good looks at the Jungle environment. The 08 Exhibition proved we had plenty of room to show all the works to full advantage in this unique setting and we are looking forward to doing it again and even better. Remember that we are looking for water features and wall hangings as well as free standing sculptures of all sizes and mediums, so there is plenty of scope for free expression. There is also a chance for financial support if you are coming from beyond the Midwest, so there is plenty of incentive to get involved in our Arts event this year. The Jungle website also contains a downloadable entry form and conditions of entry and both are much easier to cope with than the average grants application, believe me. So if you get one of those hot summer days that keeps you in the air conditioning why not have a good look and a think about how you can participate in this great arts event for the Midwest. Questions? Give me a call or post an email and I will be glad to put you in the picture for September 2010. Daniel Jenks, Coordinator www.rainbowjunglekalbarri.com - PH: 0428 387 129 - email: kalbarrijungleart@yahoo.com.au PREVIOUS (2010) NOTICES