Rainbow Jungle is open seven days a week - 9am to 5pm / Sundays 9am to 4pm (Closed Christmas Day) Admission Adults $16 - Sen/Concession $14 - Child $8- Family (2+2) $42 Maze Entry Adult $15 - Child $7 - Concession/Senior $15 - Family (2+2) $40 Combo (Jungle & Maze) Adult $25 - Child $13 - Concession/Senior $23 - Family (2+2) $70 Tel: (08) 9937 1248 NOVEMBER 2009 NEWSLETTER I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you to the venue for the 2010 Sculpture Exhibition, Rainbow Jungle - Kalbarri. If you haven’t been there before you’ll find “The Jungle” located about three and a half k’s from the centre of town and right on the beach. It was established in 1984 and has seen steady development ever since. It now covers around 7,500 square metres through seven display areas and a cinema / reception centre. It is internationally recognized for its breeding programme for endangered species of Australian parrots. Those are the bare bones facts but they hardly do justice to the place or explain why approximately 30,000 people from all over the world visit and revisit The Jungle. For one, it is an oasis in the sandplain desert of Kalbarri National Park. Wherever you go in the Jungle there is the sight and sound of flowing, showering and tumbling water. There are five main ponds and landscaped reflecting pools plus numerous small fountains with their own water features throughout most of the year. Each can be viewed from 360 degrees and offer the sculptor interesting and challenging opportunities for design. Most are around 600mm deep and there are appropriate spaces for features large and small. As well as locating sculptures in the pools and ponds themselves many sculptors cleverly employed the water features as a background and setting for their works. While visitors usually spend around two hours wandering The Jungle most spent closer to half a day playing a game of hide and seek with the sculptures of the 2008 Exhibition. It was interesting, fun and a photographer’s dream to behold. There is also plenty of free space for free standing sculptures just about everywhere you look. For the inaugural Exhibition in 2008 we calculated that there was enough room to accommodate something like four dozen pieces and ended up with over sixty without the place feeling crowded. Although most works were small we also had some pieces which required locating with a crane, and these were easily accommodated as well. The entire Rainbow Jungle complex has been constructed of local stone and there are numerous places in The Jungle where wall hangings can be shown to great advantage. Except for the 2 acre fly thru aviary, which is enclosed in shade cloth the complex is pretty well open air and the sunlight plays thru the landscaping throughout the day. By properly locating a wall hanging there are some marvelous opportunities to employ natural light and shade to accent works to best advantage. The exception is the area adjacent to the gift shop. This was the first section to be opened some 20 years ago and is where timber logs to three stories in height support a slatted roof of natural timber. This offers some great opportunities for sculptures to be placed in the overhead tropical jungle canopy itself. As well there is the three story whale watching tower which allows a totally different look down onto the complex and on to a large, landscaped pool below. The view just seems to beg someone to have a real go at something unique and interesting to stir the senses. If this description gives your imagination a nudge then take a look at the website gallery for some interesting views of The Jungle or give me a call about that wacky idea which might turn into a real show stopper! Yours sincerely, Daniel Jenks, Coordinator                           0428 387 129 Rainbow Jungle Kalbarri Sculpture Exhibition for 2010 September 11 to October 10, 2010 FEBRUARY 2010 NEWSLETTER We managed a lightening trip to Perth last month specifically to have an arty poke around, attend a couple of exhibition openings and see what was happening in Freo. The artwork was great and sales seemed brisk, with most of the artist’s endeavours sold in the first hour of each exhibition opening. Considering the doom and gloom of the economy this was really good to see. For Leonie and me it was as much a recon to check out the exhibition openings and venues as it was to view the new artworks. I can honestly say that in most cases things have not changed much over the years and an art gallery is still a gallery. Stark white walls and polished wood floors providing a neutral background for artist endeavour. The gallery is essentially a sales room. To walk away from the place feeling artistically fulfilled was, for me, pretty well impossible. Perhaps I was trying too hard. But throughout the experience I could not help but think of how fortunate we are in Kalbarri to have such a beaut venue for our own Exhibition. No stark white walls here. Instead we have the sights and sounds of Rainbow Jungle creating a variety of moods to enhance the participating artist’s own creativity. For example, you can’t help but feel the frenzy of the walk-through aviary, where your senses are heightened as you duck and dodge the barrage of birds in flight. Then move on to the quiet and calm of the reflecting pools, where you can catch your breath before ascending the Whale Tower only to have it taken away again by the stunning vista of a thundering surf. Cloudy day or sunny there is a wealth of natural light splashed on to the Jungle greenery, rock walls and artwork everywhere and changing by the hour. When it comes to the Exhibition I don’t know if this is art as it should be seen. But I do know what I prefer. Rainbow Jungle Kalbarri Sculpture Exhibition 2010.  As a participating artist what a great opportunity awaits you. Don’t pass up this chance to challenge your imagination and artistic endeavour. Entry forms available on line now, with entries closing mid June.  Have a question? Write or call now. Daniel Jenks, Coordinator Rainbow Jungle Kalbarri Sculpture Exhibition 2010 September 11 to October 10, 2010 kalbarrijungleart@yahoo.com.au 0428 387 129 Kalbarri Rainbow Jungle - Sculpture Exibition - On Again In 2012 APRIL 2010 NEWSLETTER G’day from Kalbarri School holidays again and although the Cottesloe by the Sea show is over it is still a great time to do some gallery hopping. Our recent extended weekend trip to Perth and beyond saw us take in the most recent exhibition opening at the Turner Galleries in Northbridge, and time spent at Artitja Gallery in Freo. Both are worth your time and you don’t need me to tell you of all the artwork on show between the two venues. Our focus was really to seek out the makers of sculptures, water features and wall hangings for our own little Exhibition up here in Kalbarri. Only 5 months away now so don’t mind if we knock on your door. A new face this year is Angelina Steckelberg, from Halls Head. Not only a delightful person but her popular dimensional weavings looked an absolute knockout. Angelina was as excited about the Kalbarri Exhibition as we are and we hope to see her work up there in September. In Margaret River we looked over sketches of a couple of works in progress by Nikk Altman from Gerry Reilly’s Melting Pot Glass Studio. In 2008 Nikk displayed a beautiful glass lighthouse here in the Jungle and his familiarity with our venue led to some lively discussion about placement of the upcoming pieces for best effect. So, what about you and your own work? Need more information? Want to have a chat our next trip down? We would love to see your work and talk about the potential for your involvement in this exciting and challenging event here in the Midwest of WA. Contact me any time and I will do my best to get you involved in our upcoming exhibition Daniel Jenks, Coordinator Rainbow Jungle Kalbarri Sculpture Exhibition 2010 September 11 to October 10, 2010 PH: 0428 387 129    E: kalbarrijungleart@yahoo.com.au                                       www.rainbowjunglekalbarri.com